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          2019 Jiancheng Hengrui Group Fire fighting exercise

                    June 2019 is the 18th safety production month in China. In order to respond to the national theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers, suppressing accidents", further improving the fire safety awareness of group staff and workers, strengthening the emergency escape ability, emergency rescue ability, and the ability to put out initial fires, 14: 00:00 on June 14, 2019, The administrative department of the group company organizes the vast number of staff and workers to carry out emergency evacuation and fire fighting drills.   

                    The fire drill is divided into four items: emergency evacuation, on-site rescue, personnel first aid and fire-fighting. The professional instructors of the fire-fighting and education center are invited to carry out the on-site instruction, and in the active cooperation of the management personnel at all levels of the manufacturing department, the fire-fighting exercise can be carried out smoothly. During the period, the personnel of each section shall act in a unified way and listen to the command. The staff of each section shall be evacuated orderly, the reaction is rapid, and the drilling projects shall be completed successfully. And the expected effect is achieved.

                    Through this walkthrough, the safety and fire-fighting consciousness of the staff and the operation ability of the fire-fighting equipment are enhanced; once a fire is found, it is to be prepared in a calm manner, and the safety prevention work should be well done, and we have reason to believe that todayundefineds exercise will be effective in the future, The orderly emergency work provides effective practical experience, and also lays a solid foundation for the daily production.