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          The Secretary of the Management Committee of Mianyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone visited Huazheng Industrial Park for a visit

                   At 09:30 on March 26, 2019, Secretary Zou Ruoli of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, Deputy Director Ma Jun, member of Jidong, District Comprehensive Office, Economic Development Bureau, Finance Bureau, Housing and Construction Bureau, Land City West New District Branch, Chengxi Planning Branch, Hexian Town Party Committee and his entourage visited Huazheng Industrial Park. Mr. Li Fangcheng, general manager of Huazheng, led Peng Weizheng, chief financial officer, and Liao Haitao, financial director, to give a warm reception. Secretary Zou and his party first came to the park machine shop, went deep into the production site, under the guidance of General Li, visited CNC, riveting, welding procedures, Secretary Zou highly recognized the companyundefineds production technology and automatic production.

                  After visiting the machine shop, Secretary Zou and his party came to the assembly workshop to learn more about the product characteristics and product advantages. After that, Secretary Zou and his party visited the energy storage project under the guidance of the receptionist, and the technical staff of the company introduced in detail the working principle and energy storage advantages of the energy storage cabinet.

                  After the visit, the Secretary of the Communist Party of China and Li have an in-depth exchange of views, which will give an affirmation to the development of the development of the enterprise, understand the problems encountered in the development process of the enterprise, and make a clear direction for the development of the enterprise. It is the hope that the enterprise will continuously improve the comprehensive strength and win the customers with excellent quality. Take the customer with the sincere service and make a greater contribution to the regional economic development.