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          Investigation and investigation on Deputy Mayor Liao Xuemei of Mianyang City visiting Linhuazheng Industrial Park

                     At about 9: 00 a.m. on February 27, 2019, Vice Mayor Liao Xuemei of Mianyang City, Director Dong Hong of High-tech Zone Management Committee and Director Xu Minqiang of High-tech Zone Economic Development Bureau, relevant leaders of Hexian Town Government visited Huazheng Industrial Park to visit Huazheng Industrial Park. Peng Weizheng, assistant general manager of the Group Company, and administrative staff participated in the reception.

                    The deputy mayor of Liao, under the guidance of the reception staff, first came to the machine-plus-shop, went to the production site, and understood the production process in detail, and the company had a case-by-case explanation. After the visit to the machine and the workshop, the Mayor of Liao, one line, came to the ZB assembly workshop through the surface treatment workshop, entered the production operation site, and exchanged with the staff to understand the production process. The companyundefineds products are of great concern to the leaders of the visit, and the on-site staff will give a detailed description of the cabinet classification and product specifications, applications, sales market and so on, so as to get the consistent high praise from the visiting leaders.

                   Before the end of the visit, Vice Mayor Liao affirmed the development of our company, put forward new requirements for the follow-up development and management promotion of our company, and hoped that our company would increase investment in independent innovation, technological research and development, strive to improve the high-tech content of enterprises, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, expand and strengthen enterprises, and make greater contributions to local economic development.