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          Server cabinet

                  The new design is aimed at the user machine room scale, server capacity and power distribution of the machine room. By changing the traditional open air conditioning refrigeration type of the machine room, the independent internal circulation ventilation system can be realized, and the energy consumption of the machine room can be greatly reduced by providing accurate and intelligent air supply and ventilation risk control system, and the intelligent management of the DC machine room can be realized。

                  Five features: 1. Overall energy saving of machine room 20%; 2. Accurate temperature control: multi-point real-time temperature measurement and intelligent temperature control can be realized for each cabinet. 3. 4. Harmful gas treatment: corresponding monitoring and treatment scheme is set for the possible harmful gas in the machine room, which can reduce the harmful gas to the greatest extent. 5.

                  Three functions control: Ethernet ring network real-time monitoring, automatic regulation of air supply, cabinet power supply control, fire control system; Monitoring: cabinet equipment operation monitoring, air supply module air volume monitoring, fire alarm monitoring; Measurement: cabinet environment temperature and humidity measurement, equipment electricity consumption, electric power measurement.