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          Outdoor All-in-one Cabinet

                   In order to meet the none data room construction requirements of mobile communication distributed base station, satisfy the needs of communication environment of outdoor and device installation, the outdoor all-in-one cabinet is presented. For all kinds of outdoor small cells and macro cells which use the distributed device(BBU+RRU) can reference implementation, and  the communication device mounting area and integration power system can be configured based on the practical situation. The communication cabinet installed outdoor configure the compartments for installation communication device、power supply、battery、temperature controlling device and other corollary equipment( like ODF and so on ) inside the cabinet, so that can provide the reliable mechanical and environmental protection and detachable assembly cabinet for internal normal operation which can be installed on difficult to carry place like outdoor、mountaintop and roof. It also has good functions of wind-proof、sand-proof、rain-proof、sun-proof and theft-proof. Heat insulation flame retardant cover of cabinet consist of low thermal conductivity interlayer flame retardant material, satisfied the spare parts site assembly, the level of protection is IP55. The device compartment use air-conditioning and heat exchanger to proceed the heat exchange.