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          Industrial Control Cabinet

                 Internal frame use 16 folds vertical post which is completed one time processing with superior cold strip rolling steel plate and shaped by the combination of steel plugin and welding double-connected, the hoisting rings overhead directly connect with steel plugin to make sure the hoisting strength of the frame. The frame dynamic load-bearing is 1000kg. Each cover plates of four sides can be disassembled for internal electrical equipment installation and single cabinets connect convenience. Every 25mm has a installation hole that meet the requirement of DIN on frame vertical post, which make installation of the internal electrical component and fix of device become more convenience. In order to extent the usable range of the industrial control cabinet, the doors of different height (200-1000mm) of module partition  inside can be installed in the front of the cabinet. Direct-viewing operation panel, modulization internal structure, maintenance convenient structure with segmented type door, all of these make it become a classic switchboard system control cabinet.Baseboard consist of removable cover plate to ensure the cabling become more convenience and flexibility.Pedestal can select the stationary type or assembly type.